How it works  
If someone moves inside your boat tampering with  your electrical
equipment the alarm is going to fire off  and send you a
 in 5 sec  notifying of events on the vessel.

GPS Tracking
Use any computer, cell phone with an Internet connection to track
your boat down.  downdload apps for iphone, android ,blackberry.

Geo-fence features
When armed. the unit  sets a Security -fence (radius) around the
boat.  If the boat moves outside the Security fence the unit  will send
up to 10 emails or text messages notifying recipients that the
system is in Security fence breach and provide the vessels latitude,
longitude, speed, heading and distance to closest city. It will
continue to send this information every 2 to 30 minutes (user
preference, can be set on the  website and changed when in
breach), until the boat  returns to its original geo-fence area or is
disarmed .