AUTO ALARM SPECIALIST was founded by Jose Dieguez in the year 1987.  To date we
have serviced  
18,453.00   cars in Dade, Broward, Homestead and Palm Beach.  We cater
to the public as well as Car Dealerships.    21 years of work.

The Innovator in Automotive Security and Protection Products AUTO ALARM SPECIALIST
Commitment to Success.

AUTO ALARM SPECIALIST  is committed to developing and providing to its customers the
very best in automotive security and protection products. This commitment is in all elements
of the company's operations, and permeates into each employee and their day-to-day
company activities. AUTO ALARM SPECIALIST  is focused on every product it delivers to
be reliable and dependable, without exception. The company takes great pride in delivering
the best systems in the automotive security market.

All of our alarm systems come with a "lifetime warranty."  We are licensed and insured.

For your convenience we provide  "Free Mobile Service"  to protect your car as soon as

We pride ourselves in holding quality and superior service as our two main priorities.

Protecting our loved ones and our vehicles should be a top priority for us all. Crime
prevention and security experts estimate that a vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the
United States. That’s well over two million stolen vehicles annually. And, this year there will
be over 40,000 potentially deadly carjackings, nearly half of which result in personal injury.
One out of every 29 vehicles will be stolen this year. And its not just a “big city crime.” Even
in smaller cities, one out of every 50 vehicles will be stolen.

It therefore makes sense to reduce this risk - one way to decrease the chance of your
vehicle being stolen is to fit a quality alarm/GPS Vehicle Tracking.